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7 Things to Know Before Travelling to Asia

26th August 2017

Asia is an incredible place, there is so much to see and do. When planning your trip you’ll obviously research anything and everything you need to know but there are a few things you should know before you travel that you may not find in your guidebooks. Here are the 7 things I think you need to know before travelling to Asia!

– It is HUMID!

In fact humid is an understatement, be prepared to sweat more than ever before, from every pore in your body!

– You should believe your eyes! Asia is THAT beautiful!

You’ll see the whitest sand of all time, the bluest seas you can imagine … but it’s real!

– See that old man cooking food on the side of the road?

Go and buy your dinner from him! There are street food stalls all over the place, look for one where local people are eating and head straight over! Probably the best chicken pad Thai you’ll ever eat, and if you’re really lucky they might have a couple of plastic chairs on the street and you can sit down!

– You need a ‘Temple Outfit’

Remember what I said about the humidity, well you still need to dress respectfully when visiting any temples or religious sites. This means covering your knees and shoulders. Trust me, you’ll be glad you’ve tactically packed one light airy outfit, I’ve been caught out before and ended up in black leggings and a long sleeved shirt and melting quickly with every second that passes!

– Check your Visa’s!

Most countries operate on a ‘Visa on Arrival’ basis, where you can get up to 30 days for a small amount of money. Make sure you check before you travel though as some, for example, Myanmar, need to be applied for in advance.

– Tampons are like gold dust!

Sorry boys, gross I know … but girls this ones important! When you’re on a remote paradise island it is highly unlikely the tiny local shop, which gets it’s stock delivered by boat a couple of times a week, will have spent a lot of money importing tampons! So stock up before you travel but don’t panic you will usually get them fine in the major cities.

Same applies with cash, ATM’s and paradise islands don’t necessarily go hand in hand.

 – Tuk Tuk’s not Taxi’s

The only rule of the road in Asian countries is that there aren’t any rules of the road! Once you get your head around that you are generally fine. Taxi’s may have air con (back to the humidity … everyone loves the air con!) but they also get stuck in more traffic and cost much more. Whereas tuk tuk’s are smaller, they can weave though the gaps the driver spots, I’ve even been in tuk tuk’s that have decided the roads are too slow moving and have driven up the pavements to miss the traffic!

Where’s your favourite place in Asia? Comment below, and let me know if there is anything you wish you knew before travelling to Asia!

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  • Reply Dave 17th September 2017 at 3:46 pm

    I loved a good tuk tuk, get through all the gaps. Watch out though – they are maniacs sometimes, one of our tuk tuk drivers crashed!

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