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The Best Beaches, Southern Sri Lanka

16th October 2017

It’s no secret I love me a bit of beach! And luckily Sri Lanka has bloody loads. Here’s a quick rundown of Southern Sri Lanka’s best beach bits!


Weligama is famed for having the stilt fishermen – everything you read will tell you they’re all here. HOWEVER I didn’t see a single one and I was on that beach every day for a week! Interesting hey!

One thing you are guaranteed to find at Weligama Beach are perfect beginner surfer waves. While I was on my surf retreat with Soul & Surf they brought us twice a day to Weligama and the waves were brilliant.

It isn’t the most beautiful beach and I wouldn’t choose Weligama to go and sit in the sun all day, but if you’re looking to hire a board or get a lesson this is the place for you. There are surf schools lining up along the beach so just take your pic, grab a board and get in the sea!

Weligama Beach

I’ve seen worse sunsets!

If you want to stay on Weligama then Hangtime Hostel is probably the place for you. You can literally wake up, cross the road,and be in the sea! Hangtime also have a super cool cafe on the rooftop with a great choice of food and views down to the sea. Winner!


Happy Hour from 4pm – 10pm – HELLO! Mirissa beach is a bit more touristy, and when I say touristy I mean you can actually buy a drink which isn’t easy to come by in good old Sri Lanka.

It’s a pretty beach, white sand lined with beach bars that all have sun loungers out the front; but be careful in September! The tide comes right in and can sweep away anything on the floor under your sunbed! It’s perfect for topping up your tan and being super lazy as whichever sun loungers you are lying on, you can just turn around and get a menu from them.

Another thing to beware of is stray dogs. Stray dogs like flip flops. So when you take off your shoes to go in a place, or even leave them on the floor under your seat on the beach there is a high chance that your flip flops will get slyly eaten leaving you to walk home barefoot. This happened twice to people I was with!

Can we just take a minute for all those palm trees in front of the sunset … *insert love heart eye emoji here*


This one is a hidden gem! I only heard about it via a girl working in the area and its the only place I saw ACTUAL stilt fishermen! More on that in my post here.

There is also a dreamy little place called the Doctors House which I fell in love with. I spent the day on big day bed, under a palm tree, drinking banana milkshakes and eating the most delicious beetroot and red onion pizza. My mouth is watering as I type! It’s probably the most relaxed I have felt so far on my trip. Who needs yoga?! I just need to lie under a palm tree it turns out!

Where I spent my day <3

Doctors House has guest rooms so if I would have known in advance I would have tried to book there for one night, but I didn’t, and I can safely say just spending the day there was delightful and well worth the trip along the coast! There will be a blog post to follow about this little slice of heaven seeing as I took about 5 billion photos, all of which are frikking awesome!

Jungle Beach

If you find yourself staying in Galle I couldn’t recommend taking a day to escape to Jungle Beach more! You can read more about it in my post, A Guide To Galle here.


Turtles, pizza and palm trees… yes, yes and yes! Again, I’ve bombarded you with this info before so I wont repeat myself. Just click right here and all the knowledge you need will be yours!


You want palm trees? You want blue water? You want to go to Unawatuna!!!

‘Unawatuna’ is home to THE SWING that you’ll find on 98% of the Instagram pages of people who have been to ‘Unawatuna’. If you’re wondering what THE SWING is, it’s the swing over the sea hanging from the palm trees.

Except THE SWING is actually at Dalawella Beach! I personally like to be different and so I didn’t go searching out this particular photo opp. *AHEM*

(I’m lying … the day I was planning to go it rained all day and night so I had to prioritise my cameras health and safety over my vanity, so keeping the camera dry indoors won over sprucing up my Instagram feed.)

But here is THE SWING for you, with someone else swinging on it for your visual pleasure!


Have you been to Sri Lanka? Let me know if I have missed any of the best Southern beach bits!!!

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