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Trying Not to be a Tourist in Bangkok!

12th December 2017

If you’ve been travelling around Asia I’ll bet you’ve been through Bangkok more times that you can remember. With it being such a central city with really good transport links it is the easiest place for most journeys to pass through.

Now while there is no shortage of things to do while you’re passing through Bangkok, sometimes in Asia I find you can get a little bit ‘cultured out’. Don’t get me wrong, I love seeing the different and intricately decorated Temples, the floating markets and the hectic streets with everyone going about their business. BUT sometimes I just want to pretend I’m a child again for a while and zone out.

Step in Bounce Inc! The famous Australian chain of trampoline parks have now opened two sites up in Bangkok. I was visiting my friend Mike and volunteering at Bon Jardin Dog Rescue when we were watching Jack Whitehall’s hilarious Travels with My Father. During their time in Bangkok, Jack is taken to meet some free jumpers in Bounce Inc. Straight away Mike and I were planning when we could visit.

Bounce Inc

We booked online to avoid the queues but to be honest, I don’t think we really needed to. We only booked for an hour after predicting we would be knackered after that long. That was a good call! Between us we raised the average age in the place by a good 20 years! It was Saturday afternoon and the place was packed!

Something Mike failed to tell me before we arrived is that he is some kind of trampolining ninja. I was just happy to do a seat drop and re-master swivel hips! I turned around and he was backflipping off into the distance showing me right up! Next thing some kids were coaching him on running up a wall…boys!

While he was showing off I was talking to an 11 year old Thai girl who spoke better English than me. She told me her mum takes her and her friends to Bounce every Saturday for 2 hours. I wish these existed when I was a kid! She also told me she speaks fluent Chinese and is going to study in London to be a computer programmer – good on her!

I didn’t want to end up like Carol so I didn’t get carried away!

Bounce doesn’t only have the trampoline park, there is also a climbing wall, a course resembling Total Knock Out and a zip line! There’s also a cafe, which is handy as we needed to recover before leaving.

If you weren’t excited enough even the lockers come with a motivational message!

It was such a fun afternoon and a really nice change from the usual Bangkok madness. If you’re looking for something a bit different to do in Bangkok I recommend you go for a jump!

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