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The Doctor’s House: Heaven in Sri Lanka

24th November 2017

Oh holy mother of palm trees, what I would give right now to go back to The Doctor’s House for just a few hours! I’m almost 3 months into my trip now and haven’t seen a beach in 25 days, which is almost 4 weeks. That my friends is a LONG TIME!

I’m also sick for the first time during this trip but if I’m honest I don’t think there is a link between the two. ALSO, before anyone points it out, I know I shouldn’t complain … I am planning my own route obviously and travelling alone BUT there is just so much to see and do inland too! So back to my point…

Where to find The Doctor’s House:

My favourite day in Sri Lanka was spent at The Doctor’s House. The Southern Coast of Sri Lanka is full of gorgeous beaches with endless palm trees and bright white sand and crystal blue waters. Everyone heads to your better known destinations such as Mirissa, Weligama and Unawatuna. I visited all of them and loved them. But if you venture just a little further around the coast I recommend you keep your eyes peeled for Madiha beach, as it is home to The Doctor’s House.

Madiha beach is a quiet little spot. Equally as picturesque as it’s neighbours along the coast and is great for intermediate surfers. It’s also the first place I spotted real lift stilt fishermen which was exciting for me! You can read about that in my post here!

What is The Doctor’s House?

It’s an amazing little slice of palm tree heaven! Just back from the beach there is a huge area of land, an acre to be exact. Full of tall and beautiful palm trees, providing shady areas over tables and couches to eat, drink and relax on. There is the most beautiful 200 year old building which used to be an old Dutch and Ayurvedic Hospital … hence the name of The Doctor’s House.

The original ‘Doctor’s House’

You can still go inside the old building but don’t worry, your food and drink aren’t coming out of there! They’re coming from the building to the left which is much more modern and hygienic looking! Or the pizza oven surrounded by palm trees in the middle of the grass.

Back to the old building. The front porch area has some old surf boards on the walls which have handily been used as information boards. Local trips are listed with the distances, where to find the best surf for your ability, yoga classes … they’ve got it covered for you!

Information Station!

As you go through to the next few rooms they seem empty, I know they offer yoga classes and put on live music some nights so they may use the space for those. I wish I had asked really but at the time I was just relishing in the relaxing environment!

Eating and Drinking:

Keeping it simple and effective The Doctor’s House offers a breakfast menu and then wood fired pizzas and desserts from midday through until 10pm. The bar has smoothies, milkshakes, cocktails and beers – basically any drink you would need day and night!

I arrived mid morning and ordered a banana milkshake, my sunshine staple. I went and sprawled out on a huge lounge bed sort of thing, (not sure what the technical term is?!) in the shade under a palm tree.

My spot at The Doctor’s House

One thing I’d like to note is the metal reusable straw – another tick from me! I’m all about trying to make as many changes as we can to help the planet and stop using so much unnecessary plastic! (Hello … have you been watching Blue Planet?!)

I literally lay here for hours, planning on reading my book but I was actually too lazy to bother. I’ve realised some people use yoga to zen out and relax, I use palm trees and banana milkshakes. Each to their own and all that!

Once lunch time hit I had a peek at the pizza menu, and if there is one thing I love almost as much as palm trees (and dogs), it’s pizza! Feast your eyes on this little beauty.

Like I said, simple and effective! I always complain when I open a menu and its 45 pages long, I’m not a good decision maker at the best of times but when I’m hungry it doesn’t bring out my best side. I opted for the Beach-Root, which was beetroot, caramelised onion and feta. (No basil for me please, I see no need in soggy leaves tainting my food). Heaven in my mouth!

You can even sleep there!

I wish I had known this, but there are also 2 dorm rooms available. Only one for 4 people and one for 6, so book in early if you want to try and stay! Waking up to these amazing views would be no bad way to start the day! You can check their website here to book.

I love you, The Doctor’s House!

So there we have it, I think from the photos it’s pretty easy to see why I was so happy spending the day chilling out by myself at The Doctor’s House.

Since I left Sri Lanka I have been following The Doctor’s House on Instagram and I’m really impressed to see they have not only been promoting their live music nights, happy hours and movie nights. They have also been working hard to promote the impact of marine pollution on the coastal communities by visiting local schools. On top of that they organised a beach clean up – if every bar and restaurant along the coast of not only Sri Lanka, but every country, worked so hard to promote a cleaner environment the world would be a much better place.

And on that note I’ll get down off my environmental high horse and I’m done! Hope you enjoyed reading this post and please make sure to visit the Doctor’s House if you head to Sri Lanka! It’s well worth it!

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    No environmental big horse for you lassie, that pizza was covered in dairy, biggest contributor to climate change. Nontheless nice post, you got us stoked.
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