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I Have This Thing With Doors: George Town Photo Gallery

28th January 2018

Doors … weird huh!? Stick with me here. George Town in Penang was my FAVOURITE part of Malaysia and I can’t wait to go back one day!

It is a UNESCO World Heritage site, full of colour, charm and character. One of the main attractions is that at every turn you can find it’s street art. But more about that later.

What I loved most was the buildings! I could not stop myself snapping all the doors and entrances!

The first one I clapped my beady little eyes on with this pastel pink number up above. The giant leafy plants are basically blocking the entrance but do they care … no! Because it looks adorable! Then the cute little yellow lantern adds the extra touch of adorable!

Architectural Mixing Pot!

The British were present in Penang for over 150 years and they certainly left their mark. The Chinese have also heavily influenced the architecture, none more so than in the Blue Mansion, or the Cheong Watt The Mansion if we are being proper about it. Thats a whole other blog post coming your way soon!

You can find rows of buildings which in theory should be uniformed, but they aren’t. They’ve chosen different coloured windows and doors, different lanterns and plants! Sometimes there is a beat up old car outside, or a shiny new one. Sometimes the motorbikes or scooters are so close to the door they’re practically in the house!

New obsession!

So, as I said, I became obsessed! Just being in George Town made me happy. It’s sort of like a grown up, cultural toy town.

This red door was one of the brightest things I have ever seen! And they really went to town on the gold detailing.

Doors Galore!

It’s scruffy, and it’s chained closed but I still think it’s beautiful! I love the faded coral metal bars and the electricity wires hanging down the top.

Hopefully these doors open inwards or that bike is getting knocked right over!

I didn’t see a ‘Glove Puppet Show’ but I’m a fan of their colourful door! Hope they put the same effort into their puppets.

How to make going to the solicitors more fun … paint it green!!

Now, I’m not a fan of brown. But well done number 22 for the strong plant game going on on your doorstep. I’m a fan.

These guys aren’t messing around. Tiles, patterned curtains, embossed door frames. Respect!

Shabby Chic even translates into Malaysia!

Now I love an old crumbly building or door. It’s weird, but I do! These two are ones I sort of wish I had stood in the photos for perspective … but I also wouldn’t want to ruin the photos!

This turquoise one was so small! I’m 5ft 2 and even I would have to bend down to go inside. Hidden down a back street I have no idea why it is so dinky but I’m all for it!

Again, the perspective isn’t obvious, but this door is so thin! I’d say its 2/3 of a normal door. Like the blue one is was hidden down a backstreet –  maybe there are reasons for the quirky little ones but I don’t know what they are.

Last but not least …

The perfect George Town combination of street art and doors!

There was a metal bin, or ‘garbage can’ if we are being accurate, a little along the street. I assume it is meant to sit in front of Oscar the Grouch to complete his look!

Is it just me or does anyone else get obsessions with doors while they are travelling?! *Please say yes!*





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