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Welcome to Beach, Don’t Kill My Vibe

20th July 2017

Hi, I’m Helen, thank you for visiting Beach, Don’t Kill My Vibe!

Now you’re here, I bet you’re wondering who I am and what this blog is all about, right?

Well here we go …

Who Am I?

Some may call my recent life choices a variation of an early mid-life crisis, those that know me just think ‘It’s about bloody time’.

I recently turned 30, gave up my flat, quit my job and am now preparing myself to head off on an adventure across the world by myself. Just me, myself and my backpack.

I can count the amount of meals I have eaten by myself in public on two hands.

I can count the number of trips I have taken completely by myself with no hands.

I have quite literally no sense of direction, I get lost using the map on my iPhone.

I also have Rheumatoid Arthritis and Lupus (yes, I am a bit young for that and no, it isn’t only old people that get it) which makes my travel plans a little more complicated than your average person.

But here I am, about to go off on my own leaving all my family, friends and home comforts behind.

Follow my journey on Beach, Don’t Kill My Vibe and see how I manage to cope with everything thrown at me while I make my way around the world ticking off places from my Ultimate Bucket List.

I’d love to say this was glamorous Luxury Travel blog … but it isn’t.

It is a realistic picture of how to make your money last for as long as possible, and get you as far as possible, while having as much fun as possible, but also responsibly due to medical limitations*, and finding a hospital each month wherever I am to get my blood tested and results sent home.


* that’s for your Dr Mo if you’re keeping tabs and trying to catch me out!

It won’t always be glamourous, and it won’t always be pretty, but it’ll be an honest account, full of as many do’s and don’ts as I can possibly think of to help inspire you to grab your back pack and start ticking places off your own bucket list!

Obsessed since birth with swimming and being on the beach, I believe there is nothing the fresh sea air, white sand and palm trees can’t fix (except a dislocated shoulder … that one needed medical attention, but that’s a whole other story!)

I have been very lucky, growing up in the North of England surrounded by beautiful green countryside where there are endless opportunities to go outside and explore. We would go on brilliant family holidays including France, Portugal and Mexico which were always so exciting. I chose art for A level, partly because I was alright at drawing, mainly because there was a field trip to Paris. I decided to defer a year at University to spend a couple of months in Asia, but managed to wait it out until after that year’s trip to New York.

Travel and exploring has always been a huge passion of mine, as has writing … ‘Describe a Place You Love’ was the question on my English Language GCSE and my chosen subject was the beach. Only went and got an A* for that one didn’t I?! So when I was combining two of my passions, Beach, Don’t Kill My Vibe was born!

My first job was at 11 and I tagged on to my sister’s paper round and convinced her to share the money with me, since then I have always thrown myself in to work chasing my ambition to work in the music industry. After leaving university I moved to London and scored an internship with a record label and never looked back.

Six years later I have a new ambition … to learn to relax, see the world and find the perfect palm tree.


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