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London’s Fairytale Castle

15th September 2017

It took me six years of living in London before I realised there was a hidden fairytale castle lurking in the centre of the city!

I’ve walked through St James Park many times, it is the oldest of the Royal Parks and is in the middle of three Palaces, Buckingham Palace, St James Palace and Westminster Palace. I have no idea why I hadn’t noticed it before, but if you’re walking across the bridge in the centre of the park Buckingham Palace is on one side, so everyone is looking that way.

The view from the bridge

But turn around with your back to the Queen’s crib and look the other way, peeking out through the trees is  St James Palace. It literally looks like a fairytale castle straight out of a Disney movie! It was originally built by Henry VIII as a hunting lodge, fun fact for you there!

Walk off the bridge and you can get some great photos through all the trees and bushes!

Buckingham Palace is top of the tourist trail for obvious reasons, it is pretty impressive really, and when you live in London you do take these things for granted. Yes it’s annoying there are 100’s of tourists there at all times, and for that reason we actively avoid going there! But it’s also pretty cool that these people travel from all over the world to try and see little Queenie!

Buckingham Palace

I have to say, I am as bad as anyone for bitching and moaning about the weather and all the rain we get in the UK, but if it didn’t rain we wouldn’t have the most beautiful trees and flowers to look at. And walking through any of the Royal Parks in London you can see some of the most gorgeous and pristine gardening going!

So next time you’re in London with a free afternoon and some sunshine why not head down to St James’s Park, say to hi to the Queen and then go for a picnic and try to get the most magical picture of the secret Fairytale Castle! (Or St James’s Palace … but I know which name I am sticking with!)

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