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Week 1! Operation Bikini Bod! #bikinifearisreal

9th August 2017

Bikini Fear … who’s with me?! With 6 weeks until take off it’s time to get in shape and put down the wine glass!

We all want to picture ourselves on the beach with a rockin’ bikini body. But when you live in the UK and get approximatley 30 days of sunshine spread through out the year. The other 335 days we are fully covered up in jeans, jumpers, jackets, scarves … you get the picture. Bikini Fear doesn’t creep up very often because it doesn’t have to. There is no need for shorts, crop tops and swimwear over here.

For the past 4 or 5 weeks since I realised how quickly my trip is coming around I’ve been working out more and watching what I eat. But last week a trip to my specialist at the hospital pissed on my bonfire when he told me my weight is still going up and on the medications I am on it is always going to be an uphill battle … cheers doc!

‘At least you’re not in chronic pain right now’ he said smiling.

Hmm … to be honest if it was a choice between being washed up on the shores of Sri Lanka in 6 weeks being mistaken for Free Willy, and a bit of sickness from my old meds right now I would happily go back to them! But vanity isn’t a medical reason to switch back so here I am! In a state of full power BIKINI FEAR!

Shit’s about to get real!

I (half heartedly) followed the Body Coach’s SSS Plan a few years ago, I managed to stick it out for cycle one and about 2 weeks of cycle two and as much as the prepping was hard work, and the turning down wine broke my heart I have to admit it did work and I did see results.

The food is very restrictive and I am a really fussy eater. I try hard not to be, but once something turns my stomach and makes me feel queasy it’s a long time until I will physically be able to eat it again, if ever! So for now its time to sort myself out!

Rather than going crazy and cutting all fun out my life I’m going to make small changes I can stick to. Apparently it’s all about accountability, so if I put it out here on the blog … I will have to stick to it!

So here are my missions for the next week:

I’m going to try and add to my list over the next 5 weeks, but for now it’s baby steps! I’ll report back next Monday with my progress. Any fitness tips greatly appreciated!

6 weeks to go …

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