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Pizza in Pisa

18th August 2017

When I think of Italy I think of the 3 P’s … pizza, pasta and Prosecco!

I have always been desperate to explore Italy, there is so much to see and do!

I flew to Italy in June this year for a friends incredible wedding in Tuscay. Deciding to make the most of a long weekend in Italy a couple of friends and I flew into Pisa airport. We then made a quick pit stop at the Leaning Tower for the obligatory tourist photos.

As you can see below the woman behind me wasn’t for getting out the way, luckily photoshop exists and my friends could add themselves into my trip and take her out the equation!

Before, with my new mate

After, with my actual mates!

I had no idea that the Leaning Tower of Pisa was actually joined by two other buildings, both are equally as wonky as their famous partner!

There isn’t much going on other than the Leaning Tower, so we had a little wander up the cute side streets and found a little place in the shade for a pizza pit stop. Bellies full we got back on the road!

Then we drove 2 hours to Tuscany for the wedding weekend. The sun was shining, the venue was perfect and the food was on a whole other level. Such a perfect day!

We woke up early the day after the wedding and set off on the 3 hour drive into Rome, knowing we were going to have less than 24 hours to tick as many tourist boxes as possible we had a strong plan of what we wanted to see.

You can read about Rome in more detail in my blog post here One Day In Rome.

I only had a weekend in Italy this time, but I will be going back as soon as I can to tick more places off my Ultimate Bucket List!

The most important question of all though … are you Team Pizza or Team Pasta?! Comment Below!!

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