My dream self is an Aussie beach babe, a bronzed goddess just surfing all day, never wearing heels happily flip flopping through life and eating Instagrammable Acai bowls for every meal.

However in reality I’m full power British, skin that goes red before it tans, only 5ft 2 so in need of a platform boot for all occasions and I haven’t surfed in about 10 years!

Australia has been at the top of my bucket list FOREVER! Seven years ago before moving to London I was torn between moving to London to work or taking a year out and getting my work and travel visa for Australia. My very rarely seen ‘Sensible Sally’ side came out and I moved to London to get myself on the career ladder, which is all well and good but my dreams of the other side of the world haven’t gone away!

Australia is huge and the things to see are endless!

There is of course the iconic city landmarks of Sydney, the Opera House and the Harbour Bridge.

The cool vibe surrounding Melbourne which is everyones new favourite place to be.

Uluru is just something I think will blow my mind, a humongous red rock which changes colour throughout the day depending on the light.

The Twelve Apostles, as you go along the Great Ocean Road these limestone rock formations have been sculpted naturally by the elements.

Then you have the ridiculous amount of choices for beaches, The Whitsundays, Bondi, Palm Cove, Wineglass Bay (hello … wine and beaches, two of my favourite things!)

But all that being said being a total water baby top of the list has to be the Great Barrier Reef, up off the coast of Queensland. It’s bigger than the Great Wall of China and the only living thing visible from Space … that’s pretty cool! Sadly it is being damaged beyond repair by ‘Coral Bleaching’ which is to do with climate change. I can’t wait to get over there and see it while it is still in all it’s glory!