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Week 3! Operation Bikini Bod! #bikinifearisreal

24th August 2017

You haven’t missed anything … there is no Week 2 Operation Bikini Bod post!

‘Why?’ I hear you ask … because I spent last week in a metaphorical beach full of how to make Pinterest work for your blog quick sand! I’ve just about dragged myself out and brushed myself off, sadly it wasn’t quite the leg work out it would have been if it was literal quick sand. But life’s not always fair is it?!

So here I am, a week behind, accidentally no thinner and with 3.5 weeks to go until take off!

I currently have about 15 bikinis ready to pack and until I have shifted these extra pounds I’ll be showing off NONE of them … aaaah!

Is it me or is Joe Wicks an absolutley evil slave driver with his HIIT work outs?! They’re bloody killing me, but I’m going to power through with them, as when I’m away I won’t have access to a gym so will need something I can do in my hotel room or on the beach.

Who’s got some tips for me on keeping fit while travelling?! God knows I’m going to be needing them!!

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