Amsterdam is one of those countries where each time I visit I leave thinking, ‘I’d love to live there one day’.

It is such a lovely place, admittedly both times I have visited have been in March and April, the sun was shining, the weather was warm and the tulips were out in full bloom. You’d struggle not to appreciate a place when the weather was bringing it’s A-Game!

The network of canals that the city is built around give so much charm and personality, the buildings are all different shapes and sizes, often higgldy piggldy and slanting in slightly different directions. The traffic is crazy, be careful crossing the roads you’ve not just got cars and busses to contend with, there is also a tram network to watch out for and bicycles coming from each and every direction. While it keeps you on your toes, it also means getting around couldn’t be easier!

During the day you won’t get bored, you can hop from cafes to coffee shops, shop to your hearts content looking for cheese, clogs, traditional Delftware pottery and quirky fashion pieces or explore the many different museums. At night is when the party really starts, Amsterdam is in a league of its own with something for everyone. If you want an elegant rooftop cocktail bar, it’s there. You want a local beer, head to a microbrewery. Up for dancing all night, no worries, they have some of the biggest and best nightclubs in Europe, even hosting ADE (Amsterdam Dance Event) every October where people from all over Europe flock to party with the biggest and best DJ’s around.

Here are my top 5 things you can’t miss in Amsterdam!

  • Find the iconic I AMSTERDAM letters for that classic Instagram photo (little tip … they can be found at the back of the Rijksmuseum on Museumplein)
  • Visit the Anne Frank Museum, it’s incredibly sad but it’s not to be missed. Make sure you book in advance because the queues are LONG!
  • Take a tour of the Red Light District with a retired sex worker, it’s quite the eye opener and if you really want to know about what really goes down behind those curtains you couldn’t find anyone better!
  • Stay on a Canal Boat, there are loads of cute, quirky options on Air BnB.
  • Find the giant clog! I couldn’t tell you where it is now, but no ‘Amsterdam’ photo album is complete with out a picture of you sat in it.